Importance of Certification

Why it is important to Hire a Certified Instructor - IBBFA

The widespread acceptance of barre training worldwide as a sound method for achieving fitness goals, and its continued adoption as a core offering by fitness professionals across the industry, depends on the success of every student who takes a barre fitness class. For students to achieve the best results, all barre fitness professionals should aspire to the highest standards in their work. Time and time again, we see that one bad experience with an uneducated instructor is often enough to turn a student away from barre training for life. But without any uniform standards or licensing requirements, the quality and safety of independent Barre programs vary widely from instructor to instructor and facility to facility.

This inconsistency and lack of standards

It also leaves those fitness professionals and facilities who genuinely care about quality and safety without a way to credibly demonstrate their commitment to excellence and their extra concern for their students’ or clients’ safety. Those who invest the extra time, effort, and expense in their training and professional development, to be the best instructors they can be and offer the best programs available, deserve to be publicly acknowledged for their dedication to the advancement of barre training and their commitment to professional excellence. For all of these reasons and more, we created the IBBFA Barre Certification. Hiring an IBBFA Barre Certified Instructor ensures Integrity of training, Excellence of instruction, and Leadership in the classroom and the community.
Puts students at risk of injury from instructors who are not knowledgeable about proper form
and technique
Puts the future of barre fitness training as a whole at risk if students don’t experience the full benefit of barre fitness training or suffer injuries
Puts instructors and facilities at risk of liability for student injuries that result from sub-standard
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