How the Process Works:

You’ve worked hard to build and grow your barre studio.It’s time to take the next step and become an IBBFA Certified Studio.Having well-educated and highly-trained instructors at your studio is the best way to ensure the safety and success of your clients.The IBBFA Certification training program will educate your instructors on current best practices in education and technique. IBBFA Certified instructors are committed to upholding the highest standards of Quality, Safety, and Efficacy in the studio.
IBBFA isn’t affiliated with any branded studio or franchise. We are an independent, third-party organization working to improve the quality of instruction throughout the barre industry. Whether you run a branded franchise or own an independent studio, you are invited to obtain IBBFA Certification. Please contact us for more details on having the IBBFA evaluate your studio. Savvy clients are doing their research and looking for the best studios in their area.
Once you become an IBBFA Accredited Studio, you will receive a IBBFA decal you can place in your window, to gain a level of credibility and excellence your students will instantly recognize. As other industries have proven, the success of any established profession is based on holding a professional credential that demonstrates competency and consistency. That’s why we developed the only universally-accepted standard for barre instruction. Let your studio and instructors shine as true professionals by obtaining IBBFA Certification.

Visit BarreCertification.com to learn the full details about the benefits of Corporate Level Barre Certification.

Barre Instructors

Barre certification from IBBFA is the right choice for so many fitness professionals. Maybe you’re a…
Group fitness instructor ready to take on a specialized niche
Current barre teacher ready to better your education and skills
Passionate barre student hoping to become a highly qualified barre instructor
Whatever your reason for teaching barre, earning your IBBFA Certification is an important professional step.
Your IBBFA Certification allows you to teach at any number of studios. The IBBFA Certification is widely recognized across the industry and isn’t limited to just one brand or method of instruction. Furthermore, IBBFA Barre Certification is accredited by ACE, NASM, PMA, ISSA, AFFA, CanFitPro, and Fitness Australia.

To take the next step in your career, visit BarreCertification.com for more information on obtaining your IBBFA Certification.

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