Why Certification Matters

To become IBBFA-Certified Barre Instructor you must have the following:

  1. A current CRP certification

  2. Be 18 years or older

Additionally, you must fulfill one of the requirements listed below:

  • – A background in fitness with a current teaching certificate (Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor)

    – Certified Pilates Instructor

    – Certified Yoga Instructor

    – Have a degree (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s Doctorate) in a related field (Nursing, Exercise and Wellness, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Physiology, Exercise Science)

    – A licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant

If you do not have any of these requirements, you may take the Barre EssentialsCourseas a prerequisite (Included in the Gold Package). Upon completion of the course with a 70% or higher you may continue with the Barre Level 1 Certification program.

The program is completely online and available to anyone around the world. All you have to do is enroll and activate your account via email, and you’re ready to begin. Unlike other online programs, you will have access to the instructional materials immediately. As you complete each module, the next module’s materials will become available to you. The course work review at the end of each module are not graded. They are a way to review the material you just learned to make sure. You understand the concepts covered, and help you prepare for the final exam.

The Final Written Exam is located in the last module. Once you have received a passing grade of 70% or better on the Final Written Exam. You are free to work on the Practical Exam. For the Practical Exam, you will submit a video showcasing the skills you have learned throughout your training for evaluation by our Master Instructors.

Once you have successfully completed the Practical Exam with a 70% or higher and received a passing evaluation. You will receive your certification, and are now able to teach Barre to your community.

We are so sure you will love our online training; we proudly offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Once you have registered for the Barre Level 1 program, you have 30 days or until you submit Unit 9 – ‘Capstone, Real Client Scenarios’ (whichever comes first) to request a refund. We are unable to issue refunds after 30 days or submission of Unit 9.

All sales are final for purchases associated with the following products: Level 2, Level 3, Barre for Special Populations and Prenatal Barre courses. 

If you requested a refund, and were provided a refund on a product and then you choose to purchase it again in the future, no sales or promotions will apply to the product and you be required to pay the full price on that product.

To request a refund, contact us. We will issue a refund to your original method of payment within 2 business days of receiving your request.

Yes! Our Barre Certification program teaches low or no-impact techniques that are easily adjusted according to students’ individual capabilities. The average age of the students in our studios is 30-55 years– though we have people in their 70s enjoying the class! This program is commonly taught many happy seniors (men and women) ranging from 60-85 years of age.

Yes, barre training is safe for pregnant women, but the moves and techniques must be modified for safety and comfort. The Barre Level 1 program is a foundational course. We do not train you to teach pre-natal and post-natal women at this level. To safely teach pregnant women, you need to participate and pass the Prenatal Barre course. Which can be completed after you have passed the Barre Level 1 Certification Course. If you have an existing certification for teaching pregnant women. So, you can easily incorporate a majority of our barre program into a class using specific modifications that are provided in the training materials.

It is unethical to recall (memorize) and share questions that are on any IBBFA certification exam. Candidates prohibited from sharing or discussing past exam questions or content with others, maintaining exam integrity and fairness. Recalling and sharing questions from the exam with anyone else violates the confidentiality agreement and Federal Copyright Laws. IBBFA will prosecute violations of this agreement. Violation of this security agreement is also a violation of the IBBFA Code of Ethics. Which may result in suspension or revocation of the IBBFA certification from those who have earned it, and suspension or denial of eligibility for future exams for candidates found to have violated their confidentiality agreement.

Candidates that wish to appeal their exam results must submit a petition to the Board of Directors with 30 days of exam completion. In addition to completing the petition, candidates must submit a signed letter to the Board. Explaining their circumstances, as well as a proof of additional training. An appeal process may begin with 2 of the 3 required components but may not be completed with approval/denial until all 3 components have been submitted. Please note that the Board meetings take place quarterly. Therefore notification of approval/denial may take up to 120 days. For appeals that are denied, a recommendation of additional training will be provided and the candidate my re-apply when desired.

Reasonable accommodations are provided for candidates who have any sort of impairment (e.g., walking, talking, hearing, reading, performing manual tasks etc.). To apply for reasonable accommodations, the candidate must submit documentation provided by an appropriate licensed professional on the professional’s letterhead. The documentation must include a diagnosis of the disability and specific recommendations for accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are considered based on the candidate’s request, disability, documentation submitted, and appropriateness of the request. Reasonable accommodations do not include steps that fundamentally alter the purpose or nature of the examination.
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